Apple Ber Cultivation Income,Profit,Project report,Yield

Introduction :

The Apple Ber is originally a Thai fruit variety; its
taste is sweet and also a bit sour. The fruits weigh
around 150-200 grams and looks somewhat like a
green apple. All types of soil are suitable for cultivation of Apple Ber. Spray schedule and Fertilization changes on type of Soil, Water and weather
condition. In Green Culture Nurseries and Farm
Original Thai Apple Ber Plants are made from our
own Mother Plants that’s why farmers will not
have to worry for Original Verity “Thai Jumbo Apple Ber”. There are many types of processes of Apple Ber like Jam, Jelly, Beer, Dry use, Medicinal use etc.

Usage :The fruit has been used in traditional medicine as an
emollient, expectorant, coolant, anodyne and tonic. It
also has been used as an antidote for aconite poisoning.
It is given to relieve abdominal pains during pregnancy
and can be applied to wounds when used in a poultice.
The leaves can be used as a laxative and for throat problems as a decoction and the same liquid can also be used
for skin problems. The roots have wound healing properties too


This plant starts giving fruits after 1 year months of plantation. Generally the height of the
plant would be ranging between 10-15ft. About 450 to 500 plants can be accommodated in an
Acre. Apple Ber fruits are juicy and delicious same as apple.

For the cultivation of the Apple ber plant, the black soil is used and a 5-9 pH level is required. For best production, this ber fruit crop requires hot and dry climatic conditions. The Apple ber fruit crop tolerates high temperature and aridity by a cessation of growth, leaf fall, and dormancy stage.

Deheading these seedlings to ground level in the month of May helps to give new shoots by July. Patch budding these shoots in July helps to convert it into choice variety. In Northern India, planting is done either in February-March or July-September at a spacing of 7-8 months.


Jujube or ber as we call it India is one such fruit that makes waiting for the spring worthwhile. Resembling a date in appearance, the fruit is also known as red date, Indian date, Korean date, Chinese date, around the world and is cultivated mainly in South Asia


Due to their high fiber content and low calorie count, jujubes make an excellent, healthy snack. They contain small amounts of several vitamins and minerals but are particularly rich in vitamin C, an important vitamin with antioxidant and immune-boosting properties





Species :

The plant life is about 20 years and can be propagated through seed and also can be multiplied
by cuttings of half-ripe wood. The cuttings should be 10-12 cm long and preferably with a heel.

Marketing :

There is a huge demand for ber is sweet like apple. Apple Ber exports shipment data in India
with price. Our company also provides the facility of Buy Back agreement

Harvesting :

Ber plants should be trained to develop a strong framework during the initial 2 to 3 year after planting. Support
with bamboo stick and vertical growth is encouraged once
the plant height is about 1 to 15 meter.

Expenditure :

(in acre)
(in land)
Total Fertilizer Cost of cultivation
8*8 ft 687 60 rs. 687*60 =
20,000 61,220 /-
Total Cost Of Cultivation: 61,220/-

Income :

Income of year From each plant Total Company buyback
Year 2nd 10 kg 687*10 = 6870
7 rs. 6870*7 =
48,090 /-
Year 3rd 15 kg 687*15 = 10305
7 rs. 10305*7 =
72,135 /-
Year 4th 20 kg 687*20 = 13740
7 rs. 13740*7 =
96,180 /-
Year 5
th 25 kg 687*25 = 17175
7 rs. 13740*7 =
96,180 /-
Total Income: 2,16,405/-